1940 Chris Craft 22' Utility Sedan

1940 Chris Craft 22' Utility Sedan owned by Dick and Linda Riekse and Jim and Priscilla Lynch of Saugatuck, Michigan.

The boat underwent a complete restoration including new keel, chines, stem, an new MBBW no-soak 3M-5200 bottom, new book matched mahogany hull sides and decks, rebuilt sedan top, new windshield glass, wiring, new top canvas, headliner and flooring
On that cold November day, all were warm under the sedan top!

This boat has recently been offered for sale, price $89,500, see complete listing in Classic Boat Brokerage for details, or 

contact Jon Reus at:

Macatawa Bay Boat Works
297 S. Maple Street  Saugatuck, Michigan 49453

Phone:  (269) 857-4556  Fax: (269) 857-4218
E-Mail:  sales@mbbw.com

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