Marine Leather and Linoleum Flooring:



Marine-Grade Leather
For the finest restoration, professional or home built, Macatawa Bay Boat Works is pleased to offer high-quality authentic leather with the ability to withstand a marine environment.

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The tannery which supplies our leather offers the highest quality Marine Grade leather available.  This company has been making automotive, aircraft, marine and industrial leathers for well over a century, and currently supplies leather to many major auto manufacturers.  Their marine-grade leather has an excellent surface quality which is resistant to abrasions, ultra-violet rays, bleeding and soiling.  Macatawa Bay Boat Works is the exclusive distributor of this high-quality marine-grade leather.

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A unique, clear protective finish is impregnated into the surface of each hide; this finish is designed to make an excellent water barrier.  New technology offers better waterproofing than old original marine leather.  All MBBW leather is surface dyed.

Abrasion Resistant
This protective finish serves as an abrasion or scuff-protective barrier.   In the quality control laboratory, each run of marine-grade leather is tested on a rub simulator.  The rub cams simulate 100,000 rubs; if the surface is broken, the entire run is returned to production for resurfacing and then is tested again.

Ultra-Violet Filter
In the surfacing procedure, a generous amount of ultra-violet filter screen is added to the surfacing emulsion, and again a representative hide is taken to the lab and tested with direct simulated sunlight.  This test is equivalent to 3 years of sunlight, 24 hours a day.

MBBW hides are resistant to perspiration and many other agent spills such as soft drinks and lotions.

Our hides are a generous 2.5-3.50 oz in thickness and above average in size.  Custom weights are available, just ask.

Our marine-grade leather is priced by the square foot.  Prices may change throughout the year but only slightly.  However, we guarantee our quoted price for 30 days following the shipment of sample cards.

Special Colors/Special Orders
MBBW stocks all standard colors of leather.  We can also duplicate any color leather or vinyl, for which we require a pre-paid lab fee.  You may order as many hides of this special color as you like for the one-time lab fee.  We also need a 3-month lead time (more or less) to process special orders, and special orders require pre-payment.  Minimum order on custom colors is 12 hides.

MBBW Marine-Grade Leather 

Now Available: Reproduction Chris Craft Colors for popular leather used in the late 1930's and early 1940's:    

As referenced in the Summer 20006 issue of Brass Bell Magazine, Article by Don Ayers

Chris Craft and Gar Wood Spanish Red

Chris Craft Aqua Marine

NEW!  Chris Craft Pig Skin 

NEW! Chris Craft Red 

Note: color reproduction on the web site may not be accurate, please call us and we will mail you an actual sample of any leather that interests you. 



The following closeout colors are available in limited quantities at a special discounted price of $495.00 per hide. 

Sold in whole hides.  Limited Quantities, call for pricing and availability
*Colors may vary from what is displayed on your screen - please call for an actual sample*


Navy Blue

Limited quantity of 4 hides available


Spruce (Dark Green)



Port (Burgundy)


Garnet (Red-Brown)


Wooden Boat Flooring Linoleum

We also sell Linoleum flooring that is a match to what was used by Chris Craft, Hacker Craft and other boat manufacturers during the 1920's through the 1950's.  Solid colors like Battleship Gray as well as striped gray used by Chris Craft in the 1950's Authentic 3/16" thickness with burlap backing.

Battleship Gray being installed over a floor board

Striped Gray used by Chris Craft in the 1950's

Please call us for a sample and price information on Linoleum!

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