1910 Pettersson 35' Launch

Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

Project Complete and Delivered for a satisfied customer 

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In route back to its home the 1910 Pettersson 35' Launch rides on one of MBBW's Classic Trail Custom Inboard Trailer

On the slings at the time of delivery.

Progress Photos:

New top and cabin sides constructed 


Water tested on November 17, 2004 - the boat performed very well and was faster than expected.  The new four cylinder engine pushed the hull to an estimated speed of twenty knots with smooth and quiet operation.


Progress Photos:

Recent progress... bottom finish, deck installation, stain and varnish, aft seat construction, helm station and queen seat construction, coaming rebuild and transom rebuild

We stain the new coamings. 

Coaming caps being fastened and bunged.  They were made with multi-ply mahogany, bent to shape, rounded by hand sanding and will be finished in blond to match other  parts of the boat. 

A mock-up of the windshield design was made by MBBW to visualize and fine tune it for the final construction.  The curve of the side frames nicely accents the line of the side coaming caps.

The actual center portion of the windshield and side frame (below) are cut and are being glued up in preparation for installation.

Mike has cut the flooring and seat bottoms for the V birth.  

Samples of the seat cushion patterns and welting were prepared for the owner's approval.  It is made from MBBW premium marine leather in the traditional diamond pattern with buttons.  The owner elected to go with the blue button and not the yellow (blue and yellow are Swedish national colors and match the exterior hullside and bootstripe color combinations).


MBBW designed the sliding hatch to access the V-birth.  Made from two pieces of booked-match Honduran mahogany, they are a beautiful and functional design element.

The parts for the custom made helm station and dash board consist of bird's eye maple and mahogany.  They are laid out for varnish above, the assembly with gauges by Classic Instruments are temporarily assembled below.

Previous Progress: delivery, disassembly, strip bottom and keel replacement...

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