Sandro Zani, owner of Riva World in the Netherlands, visits Macatawa Bay Boat Works in February 2005

MBBW and Sandro examine two of the project Rivas currently in the shop and under restoration by Macatawa Bay Boat Works, a 1953 Ariston (left) and a 1960 Ariston.

Sandro and friend Gido take a tour of MBBW's storage facility and view some 60 American-made antique boats and some our past projects including this 1930 26' Chris-Craft triple cockpit runabout with the rare, original Chris-Craft 828 cu inch V-8 engine that weighs 1640 pounds and generates 200 horse power.

Leaving the MBBW facilities, we headed to the Tiara/S2 factory (below) for a tour arranged by our friends, the Slikker Family.

Here the group poses with a mid 1950's Slickcraft boat in the Tiara/S2 lobby that was restored by MBBW almost fifteen years ago.  This Slikcraft was one of the first boats produced by the Slikker Family who owned Slikcraft Boats that eventually became the maker of Tiara Yachts, S2 Sailboats and Pursuit boats.

Our European guests were impressed with the extensive facility at Tiara and the quality of boat that is produced there.  Here Sandro examines the complicated engines and associated mechanical systems for a 40' Tiara being built.

Of course, we had to take our native Hollanders to visit something they had never seen before, a authentic reconstructed windmill from the Netherlands!  This a local Western Michigan landmark was shipped from the Netherlands in the 1960's and painstaking reassembled in the town Holland, Michigan.

The view form the top was cold and breathtaking!

Thanks to windmill caretaker Ad Vandenakker (at right), we had the complete tour when opened the structure which was closed for the season.  The original wooden gears that transfer power from the windmill blades to the mill stones tower above us and are still in full operation.  During the spring and summer months, the workers at the windmill produce and sell flour. 

Please contact  us for more information regarding Riva restoration and brokerage. 

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