circa 1957 Chris-Craft Custom boat

Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale. 

Roll over

Mike grinds old paint off the bottom

old rotted wood removed from bottom and transom 

completely new and rebuilt transom frames

the right side received new inner bottom pieces and will receive all new outer planks

With all the outer bottom planks removed, new bedding compound and hull canvas are applied

chine caps were replace and the last 1/3 of the hull sides were refastened

new batons for the fastening the outer planks from the bilge side

new transom frames installed and bottom planks fitted, ready for paint in Copper Bronze

Transom re-planked

stain applied to dark areas

Sam and Matt apply stain to the hullsides and transom.

We apply the first coat of varnish to the hullsides. 

Mike applies new bilge paint.

Mike holds the custom made, MBBW signature dashboard in place.  It is made from five pieces of solid African ribbon-stripe mahogany, maple and walnut.

So pretty, it'll be hard to cut the holes for the gauges!

After laying out the precise location of each gauge, Jesse uses a hole saw and drill press to make the holes.

The dash is cut, the new gauges are above waiting for mounting, this will occur after a few more coats of varnish.

The interior hull side boards known as ship sides have been varnished and are installed.  New seat frames, back board and bottom board have been made and are being fit in place.  They will be covered in red MBBW premium leather.

Aft spray rails are attached to the boat with stainless screws and 3M 5200.

New cockpit floors were fit and installed with access hole to the bilge.  A new Lovett bilge pump was also installed, as well as a bilge ventilator for safety. 

Some of the hardware is installed, the deck stripes have been painted and the hull sides are being prepared for a final coat of varnish after Chris-Craft logos are applied. 

The transom name is applied with black outline.  The boat is named for the Owner's granddaughter.

New bootstripe painted and most of the hardware is installed, "Isabel" is almost compete.

Final assembly, fine tuned with correct propeller, leather interior. Ready for water test with the customer!

now complete, click here for water test photos

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