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Updated 01/04/2011 -  Project complete and delivered!
1965 Chris Craft Custom Ski Boat 18'

Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.


One of only 60 produced in 1965, this light weight ski boat came with the 283 V8 and was a great performer.  This particular boat was family owned for most of its life and the customer who has commissioned Macatawa Bay Boat Works to restore the boat learned how to water ski behind this boat as a child.  This boat was well used by the entire family and has come to us for a second life. 

Above the boat is how it was the day it was picked up from the marina that stored the boat.
Initial disassembly shows an overall solid boat with a tired bottom.  Below, one of several "patches" to stop leaks or repair rotten areas.  This one seams to be done with roofing tar. 
Rolling the boat over.... 
Another patch pictured above, this one is a piece of steel screwed to the bottom.  With many patches, it was time to take this old bottom off and replace with new Okoume marine plywood. 
With the bottom off, we found the simple and efficient frame structure used by Chris Craft on these mid 1960's plywood boats.  We will laminate four new frames that run parallel to the keel.  Years of storage on a trailer that provided inadequate support have caused these members to lose their proper shape (see below).  When compared to our I-beam straight edge, the bottom is clearly out of shape.  Thankfully, the keel is still straight and solid and can be reused.
After the new structural member have been laminated, installed and faired in, we begin making and dry fitting the new plywood bottom made of Lloyds Register 3/8" Okoume marine plywood produced in France in accordance with British Standard #1088 (seen below).
The dry fit panels are sealed (above) prior to permanent installation.  The 3M-5200 is seen being applied to the framework (below).
Installation is a team effort really puts their weight into the project! 
The new plywood bottom attached with 3M-5200 and stainless screws.  The screw holes are filled with waterproof putty prior to the bottom being sealed and painted. 
bottom installed and painted blue

Rolled back over, we see the bilge side of the new plywood bottom and restored framework.  The bilge will be painted white and the cosmetic restoration of the decks and hullsides will begin


Fairing in the decks to make completely smooth (above) prior to the installation of the vinyl decking covering (seen below).

Interior complete, hardware installed, mechanical systems installed, the boat has been water tested by MBBW and all systems are go! READY FOR DELIVERY
The boat is re-named "Blues Chaser" after the song with the same title and to describe how driving the boat will lighten your mood
Above we see David Hollar, original owner and father of Miriam driving the boat for the first time in years
At Miriam's lake home, the boat sits on its hoist where a group has gathered to welcome the boat and participate in the boat re-naming ceremony.  Above, Miriam pours out a libation as a good luck offering to the gods Triton and Poseidon while the song "Blues Chaser" plays in the background.  
With all attendants dressed in blue, the boat was toasted with Labatt's Blue Beer and a blue colored concoction in a shot glass.
With the re-naming ceremony complete, Miriam and son Thomas take their first ride 
Congratulations to the Hollar and Schulingkamp families on the restoration of the old family ski boat.  
Please contact us today to see how we can help you with your boat restoration project.  

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