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Updated 01/06/2011
1964 Chris Craft 20' Super Sport with a Chris-Craft/Lincoln 431
Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

This boat came out of southeast Kansas and was a well preserved boat.  It came to MBBW for a new no-soak 3M-5200 double bottom, general cosmetic restoration including strip and refinish, engine and mechanical system servicing, new interior and new MBBW Classic Trail custom inboard trailer. 

Here the boat is seen at the owner's home in Kansas, prior to restoration.  The owner began the process of refinishing the varnish, but decided to seek out MBBW for a total restoration.  
Back at the MBBW shop, the disassembly and assessment of the boat begin.
With the engine, interior and hardware removed, the boat is ready to roll over and remove the old "soaker" bottom. 
Removing the original planking which is in rather good condition.
Strip to the frame work, all wood is cleaned and then treated with penetrating epoxy.  
With the frame work cleaned, checked for being straight and true, sealed and repaired as needed we can now install the inner bottom consisting of European Okoume marine plywood Lloyd Registered and manufactured to British Standard #1088, the best marine plywood available on the market. 
With the inner bottom attached with 3M-5200, we now start installing the solid mahogany outer planking. 
Outer bottom planking complete and installed with 3M-5200, secondary chines installed the bottom is ready for red paint
Time for the roll back over
With the bottom complete and the boat rolled back over, we have removed the hullsides to be cleaned up and reinstalled with 3M-5200.  This will make for a stronger hull for the big and powerful Lincoln 431 as well as greatly reduce the expansion and contraction between hull planks making the varnish and paint look better, longer with less maintenance. 
Transom removed
Re-installing hullside planking
Hullsides, transom, aft deck and covering boards installed with new fasteners and 3M-5200, they are now ready to be faired in, followed by longboard sanding and prep for stain and varnish.  
Stain applied, we now start building coats of varnish for a smooth "wet-look" finish 
The big (huge actually) 431 Lincoln engine being installed in preparation for an initial water test.
A great initial water test, now back to the shop for installation of the vinyl decks
After the vinyl installation is complete, we made a new solid mahogany forward deck and installed it with 3M-5200, new stainless steel screws with mahogany bung screw covers 
Below we are painting the white accents on the hullsides. 
Assembling the hardware 
New flooring in original style Chris Craft nautalux 
With a full custom mooring cover all it needs now is a MBBW Classic Trail custom inboard tandem axle trailer which we see below in black with a tall winch post, carpeted "V" bow stop, diamond plate step areas and LED lighting throughout
A custom interior that fashioned after the owner's 1964 Ford station wagon that will be used to tow the boat.  This red and silver two tone interior really finishes off the boat nicely.  

It ready for one more shakedown run on beautiful Lake Michigan....

A perfect day to put the completed boat through the paces.  What a great performing boat!  Lots of speed from the big Lincoln 431 and the hull handles very stable in the curves.  

The boat has great lines in the water and looks fast even standing still!  Now it is back to its home in Oklahoma.


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