Macatawa Bay Boat Works Premium Restoration 
Project Competed and delivered Spring of 2008!
1960 Chris Craft 17' Sportsman
Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

An overall well preserved boat that is starting to show its age.  This Chris-Craft would no longer swell up in the spring, so the owners contacted Macatawa Bay Boat Works for a new bottom, as well as a refinishing of the hullsides and decks.  

Prior to roll over, MBBW put the boat back on the trailer so it was adequately supported and filled the bilge with water to find out where it was leaking and help identify potential structural problems we will need to address.  Before long, significant amounts of water were flowing from the hull, more than a good bilge pump could keep up with!

With the boat rolled over, bottom remove begins.  So far so good, things do not look to deteriorated.  The factory plywood inner layer is well in tack.

A nice original factory varnished bilge that was never bilge painted has been thoroughly cleaned of the years of oxidized oil and grease that accumulated and needed to be scraped off the frames.  MBBW used penetrating epoxy to preserve the structural members. 

I few spots on the chines will need to be repaired with dutchmen but are not so bad that would warrant replacement of the entire chine. 

New inner bottom consisting of Okoume premium marine 1/4" ply, dry fit and installed with 3M-5200 adhesive.  
Next the outer layer is installed, this boat was well preserved so we were able to reuse some of the original bottom planks, others were replaced with new African mahogany.
Above we see the refastened hull sides, attached with 3M-5200 and stainless steel screws, the new bungs are glued in place to cover the screw heads.
The new bottom complete, faired in and protected with a couple coats of sealer, ready for paint and roll over! 
Installing the deck seam compound
Varnish getting closer to "final"
Interior pieces being refinished, the motor box needed refinishing as well as extensive structural repairs, we reinforced all sides and replaced the aft facing panel with new ribbon stripe mahogany. 
With the varnish complete and the refurbished engine installed, the boat is ready for the intial water test on a cold and wet day.  
The water test went fine, the boat is assembled with harware, new flooring and a new windshield 
Pictured below on Crooked Lake near Oden, Michigan and the owner's family lake home.   It is great to return this one-owner boat back to the family for a summer of fun.  This 1960 Chris Craft is preserved for the next 48 years and beyond!


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