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updated Wednesday, January 28, 2015
1959 Century Resorter 16'


(before photo)

This mostly restored Century Resorter still had the original soaker bottom after 53 years of service, but it was starting to take on water to the point where the owner said its time for a new MBBW "no soak/no leak" 3M-5200 double bottom.
We begin by rolling the boat over... and removal of the old bottom. 
With the old bottom removed, it reveals structure in good condition for an original Century single planked bottom with oak frames.  

As is typical with a Century, some frames will need to be replaced including the port engine stringer and part of the forefoot.

The inner bottom is installed, we then make and install the outer bottom in solid 1/2" mahogany.  

After the outer bottom is installed, it is sealed with a linseed oil base sealer and painted 

Bottom complete and lowest transom plank replaced as well as the planks above each chine, it is time to roll the boat back  
Reinstalling the engine and interior.  Getting ready for the inital water test with the new bottom, 

flooring removed to inspect the hull for leaks.  As usual, there are NONE! 

Delviery to the customer and a new name on the transom 
A beautiful day for a boat ride! 
Please contact us today to see how we can help you with your project. 

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