Macatawa Bay Boat Works Premium Restoration 
Project completed! -  updated Wednesday, November 16, 2011
1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat 17' 

This boat comes to Macatawa Bay Boat Works from Connecticut for a new MBBW "no soak / no leak" 3M-5200 double bottom, some structural repair, a modern power engine upgrade to a PCM 350 cubic inch V-8, new interior, varnish upgrade and a convertible top.  

With the floors removed, some deterioration to the bottom's inner ply was discovered.  Where a little deterioration is seen more is probably in areas where we can't see.  It was decided with to but a new MBBW double bottom on the boat, especially with the modern power upgrade.    
With the boat carefully rolled over we begin to remove the old bottom and this give us our first look at the condition of the framework. 
There was evidence of some previous repairs and one frame was sistsered, this frame in particular trapped moisture and had the most deterioration.  Other frames had rot on the ends, all bad frames will be replaced with new mahogany, below we see them being cut from four quarter stock
With new frames cut to size, we are dry fitting them in place then installing them with new stainless steel bolts and 3M-5200, making a good foundation for the new MBBW double bottom.
With all the frames repaired or replaced then reinstalled with 3M-5200 and stainless steel bolts, the keel has also been installed with the same technique, we now check the bottom to make sure is it is true and straight.  
With a restored bottom structure complete, we begin the installation of the first layer of our MBBW "no soak / no leak" double bottom consisting of premium Okoume marine plywood that is Lloyd's Registered and manufactured to British Standard #1088.
making new bottom battens 
starting to fit and bend the first outer planks 
New outer bottom installed and faired in, screw holes filled, then sealed below. 
Rolling it back over to right side up... 
Painting the bilge
preparing the deck for deck seam repairs and varnish 
below we see the making of a custom swim platform 
Installing the new 5.7 320 HP Pleasurecraft Marine V-8 engine 
Applying the name on the transom in real gold leaf (of course!) engine turned and then hand painted outline 
New custom MBBW marine leather interior 
installing the new flooring 
gauges and dashboard completely restored

Customer requested a convertible top to keep out of the sun during the day and a

 new Iva-lite spotlight to help find the way at night.  

Time for a final water test and shake down prior to delivery.... 
GPS indicated a top speed of 50+  She's a runner! 


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