Macatawa Bay Boat Works Premium Restoration 
1958 Century Coronado 21'
Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

This beautiful, early Coronado has been brought to MBBW for a new 3M-5200 "no soak" bottom.  

Our I-beam straight edge shows the valley in the keel and bottom, this will be corrected in the process of installing the new MBBW no soak bottom.
The oak frames used by Century did not hold up against deterioration as well as mahogany frames would have; as a result, most the frames on this Coronado will need replacement.  MBBW will make new frames using African mahogany for greater longevity.
old deteriorated frames, frame ties and knees are being replace with new mahogany.  The aluminum I-beam straight edge insures the boat's new bottom will receive a straight running surface!
A new transom frame was produced with laminated mahogany

all frames will be replaced (only three remain), the new frame members have been recreated in mahogany, dry fit and are in the process of being sealed prior to final installation with 3M-5200.
The original, oak frames now removed were very deteriorated (below)
the stem will need some work too... 
Scott really gets into his work!
Repairs to the stem - replacements made and dry fit 
With all new frames and frame ties made and permanently installed, we begin the lamination of the port and starboard chine, and the keel.
The customer has decided, at our recommendation, to proceed with a "Riva" bottom of marine plywood that will save some labor on the project 
To achive the curve of the forward section, this panel is laminated in house using the hull's framework itself as a form.  


Please check back for more photos as the progress continues ...


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