Macatawa Bay Boat Works Premium Restoration 
1957 Chris Craft 19' Capri
A well preserved boat that came to Macatawa Bay Boat Works from the mountains of South Carolina for a full restoration.  
The team at MBBW got right on this project by rolling the boat over, removing the old bottom, assessing the condition of the structural members of the hull which are good.  We sealed all frames and made repairs as needed, we removed and reinstalled the chines and keel with 3M-5200 marine adhesive and new stainless steel bolts. 
Removal of the old bottom is a group effort! 
 Once we determined we had a good foundation to apply a new no-soak/no-leak 3M-5200 double bottom, we began with the first step by installing the inner layer consisting of premium Okoume Marine plywood, Lloyds registered and manufactured to British Standard #1088. 
The new mahogany outer planking lumber stock has been selected and resawn to book matched pairs, then milled to final thickness.  
We soak some of the lumber used at the bow to allow it to bend to the curve more easily.  
Here, we dry fit and begins the installation of the first plank row pair 
continuing down the keel with the first plank row pair
With the outer bottom installed and the 3M-5200 Marine Adhesive cured, we have filled the screw holes and sanded the bottom into fair.  We have sealed it prior to paint. 
Painting the bottom Jade Green
Rolling it back over to restore the hullsides and decks
Rolled back over, we remove the deck planking to reinforce the deck structure. 
With the deck structure cleaned up, repaired as needed and reassembled with 3M-5200 adhesive, it is ready to have the deck reinstalled with stainless fasteners and 3M-5200
We were able to reuse the outer, mahogany stained deck but the inner deck that is finished as bleached blond was stained and had to be remade with new mahogany.  The entire deck is fastened with new screws and 3M-5200 so that it will be much stronger and the expansion/contraction splits in the varnish at live deck seams will be eliminated.  
With the deck complete and reattached with 3M-5200, new stainless fasteners and new mahogany for the blonde areas, we now begin to remove the hullsides to reattached them with 3M-5200
Above, the hullsides are glued on and when the it cures, we counter sink and start to fair in
Above we are installing the wooden bung caps over the screws, they will get cut flush to the hullsides and then the entire hullside will be sanded by hand to make completely smooth and fair.
Bleaching the hullsides for color uniformity prior to stain
then applying stain to the hullsides below 
bleaching the blonde center then staining the mahogany part of the deck and transom 
Getting into more coats of varnish and starting to look good especially out in the daylight... 
The customer asked us to design a custom all mahogany (floors and ship sides) interior that will extend into the engine bay.
Custom dashboard with solid bird's eye maple and mahogany, original Chris Craft gauges restored with custom colors to compliment the wood and the two tone leather interior
Initial start up of the new 4.3 fuel injected Marine Power V-6, running on a hose at the shop
Now time for the first water test, she looks good in the water, the new MBBW 3M-5200 double bottom with no leaks..... 
The new EFI V-6 performed beautifully.  A great riding hull with nice top speed, solid in the turns and chop.  Below, back at the shop sitting on its new MBBW Classic Trail Custom inboard trailer, it is time to dry fit most of the hardware before the last several coats of varnish. 
The curved chrome windshield really compliment the lines of the boat  

A new custom mooring cover has been fit to the boat.  The custom two tone leather seats are in progress.

new name on the transom "Southern Lady" hand applied in 23K gold leaf
one more water test before delivery...




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