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Completed Project - updated January 13, 2010
1957 Century Coronado gets a new MBBW no-soak 3M-5200 bottom
Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

This very nicely preserved, low hour Coronado came to us for a new no-soak 3M-5200 bottom.  Pictured below, the boat is in the disassembly stage.  We removed the original, dual quad (twin four barrel carbureted) 1957 Cadillac Crusader Marine Engine.  

Rolling the boat over
Starting to remove the bottom 
The first item we are going to repair is the stringers.  This will require removing the keel, chines and the aft bottom frames and frame ties. 
There is not much left of the aft end of both stringers, they succumbed to rot and a previous repair that was poorly done. 
Below we see the new aft stringers being dry fit.  They are made of solid and clear Douglas fir, better quality than what came out of the factory back in 1957.
Most all frame ties were replaced, many new frames, new keel and chines, the aft 8 feet of stringers replaced and sistered with 3/4" marine plywood, new batons installed, new stem, the structure is now ready to have a new skin put on.  
Fitting the Lloyd registered, British Standard #1088 marine plywood inner bottom 
The customer decided not to reuse the old bottom planking but have us install all new bottom wood.
 Here we are filling the screw holes with waterproof putty.   
With the bottom installed, faired in and screw holes filled, it is time to seal the wood prior to paint.  It looks so good, it is hard to cover it up with paint! 
The boat recieved fresh deck and hullside varnish and paint, new deck stripes and general reassembly including restored underwater running gear and engine alignment.  
A successful water test, no leaks and good handling, the best performing Coronado we have driven--  Looks great too! 


Please check back as this project continues . . . 


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