Macatawa Bay Boat Works Premium Restoration 
Updated 01/13/2010
1950 Chris Craft 17' Deluxe Runabout
Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

A well weathered boat that has been in storage for years.  Its time has finally come for a total premium restoration by Macatawa Bay Boat Works!  It will receive a MBBW no-soak 3M-5200 double bottom, cosmetic restoration of hullsides and deck, a new MBBW premium marine leather interior, rechroming of all hardware, gauge and steering wheel restoration and engine and mechanical restorations.  The finish boat will be given a new trailer for much safer and more attractive tow down the road! 

  This boat has seen some better days, but we can restore her former beauty and make her a show winner when done!
Rolled over, we remove the old bottom to see what we are up against.
Above, what is left of the old bottom is now in the can.  Below, we find some deterioration in the original oak forefoot and stem which will be replaced with mahogany.
Both chines are deteriorated to the point they are no longer strong or safe so MBBW makes new ones with mahogany laminated with 3M-5200 and formed to the shape of necessary curve.  These chines will be many times stronger than the original steam bent oak with no tendency to want to "spring back" and will hold up much better against rot. 
A new keel is also laminated in mahogany and along the way the bottom is checked for true and straightness with an aluminum I-beam straight edge. 
With the new keel, chines and frames repaired as needed, we now install the inner bottom consisting of European Okoume marine plywood Lloyd Registered and manufactured to British Standard #1088, the best marine plywood available on the market. 
We begin the installation of the new mahogany outer planking 
With the bottom installed, all screw holes filled and the bottom faired in, we are ready to paint 
With the bottom painted, we rolled the boat back over and began restoration of the hullsides and deck.  The hullside wood was in good condition so we were able to remove it, clean it up, refasten it and glue it to the hullside frames with new batons and 3M-5200.  This will prevent future expansion/contraction splits in the varnish at the plank seams.  It will be longboard sanded into fair later in the process.   
Now that the hullsides are reattached, it is time to restore the decks.  We are removing the old decking which is too weathered and cracked to reuse, so we will make new decks out of Philippine mahogany. 
To add strength and limit expansion and contraction, we are first installing a sub deck made of Okoume plywood.  
The new solid deck is screwed and glued and bunged, so it is ready to be faired in after the bung tops are chiseled flush. 
With the decks stained and sealed and in its first coat of varnish, we lift the boat up to longboard sand the hullsides by hand to get into fair and ready for stain
Getting the boat into stain and the first coats of sealer and varnish 


Please check back as the progress continues .... 

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