Macatawa Bay Boat Works Premium Restoration 
1946 Gar Wood 17.5' Runabout 
Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

This extremely rare boat is one of only four that remain in existence! 

The owner brought the boat to MBBW to have the deck refinished for improved color and appearance.   A previous restorer made the covering boards and king plank too dark, almost painted black.  We will be restoring the deck seams to proper height and width as well.
Once the customer saw how nice the cover boards and king blank looked stripped, he decided to have use strip and refinish the inner decks as well, redo the deck seams to proper height and width, and refasten the deck/replace loose bungs as needed.  
Unusual staining around some of the screw bungs lead us to investigate further - a magnet indicated steel screws were used sporadically to refasten the boat at one time in the past and these were rusting under the bungs.  We have removed all the steel and replaced with stainless steel and new bungs. 
Putting the decks back into stain in the correct color combination.
Getting varnish on the decks ...
Filling the deck seams with 3M-5200... 
After the deck seams are filled with 3M-5200, we apply more varnish to the boat to achieve show quality finish on the decks.  We applied varnish to the hullsides as well which were not stripped to bare wood.  
The new deck seams of correct and uniform width really set off the refinished decks.  The customer will install the hardware himself. 


This project is complete and delivered to the customer in April of 2008.  

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