1946 16' Chris-Craft Deluxe Runabout gets a power upgrade

This 16 footer originally came with a 4 cylinder Chris-Craft model "B" generating 60 horse power from 132.7 cu inch of displacement.  The old motor was removed so that the bilge could be degreased and repainted. 

Pictured above is the original Chris-Craft model "B".  It's a cute little motor, isn't it?!

We inspected the bottom from the inside to make sure there were no structural members that needed repair or replacement.  The bilge was then painted.


With the mighty six cylinder model "K" hoisted in the air, we are ready to drop it in and mount.  The engine was complete rebuilt by CD's Engine Repair of Hudsonville, Michigan.  Casey Dehollander is owner of CD's and specializes in vintage marine and auto engine rebuilding services.  He can be contacted at 616-662-1553.

A beautiful engine, this six should improve the performance and speed of the boat.  This pre-war "K" has a displacement of 221.4 cu inches and cranks out 85 horse power.

Once the motor is installed, it will be aligned, permanently mounted and connect to the associated systems.  We are giving the boat an upgrade from 6 to 12 volts as well which will dramatically improve starting and the general usability of the boat.   We will be installing a 12 volt bilge pump and making the necessary electrical conversions.  When the ice is off the lakes it will be time to start the boat and perform a water test.  We will be assisted by Casey Dehollander at that time.

Check back for more progress photos as the boat nears completion.

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