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New Project - updated Tuesday, September 11, 2012
1946 Chris Craft 20' Custom Runabout - for sale, see more info below 
This boat was started by another owner and restoration shop when the project was stopped midway through.  That owner sold the boat to its current owner who hired Macatawa Bay Boat Works to finish the restoration.  Below are photos of the boat prior to coming to the MBBW shop. 
Now at Macatawa Bay Boat Works, we have reinforced the deck seams, filled some voids in the hullside batons with epoxy and painted the bilge.  
We will continue the work of the previous restorer and make new decks consisting of two ply cold molded wood bonded with epoxy.  The inner layer will be plywood and the outer layer will be solid mahogany. 
We have installed a sub deck of 1/4" BS#1088 Lloyd Registered Okoume Marine Plywood. Below we see the new hatches being framed in.
New hatches were made from scratch, sub deck plywood installed and the original style brass rod hinge assemblies reproduced.
Below, we have begun planking the transom with solid 1/2" mahogany, the boards are steamed and then clamped in place, wet towels help keep the planks from drying out while they take the curve of the transom. 
Lower transom planks installed...
making the quarter round top transom piece from some very thick mahogany stock...
... this thick stock being dry fit, it will be shaped and rounded over by hand.
All screw holes bunged, then the decks and hullsides are faired in by hand sanding with a long board 
Faired in, now getting stain and bleach blonde where needed 
Out for its first water test, good performance from the rebuilt Chris Craft "M" 6 cylinder engine, no leaks in the hull!  She looks nice on the water... 
Back at the shop for more varnish, many coats to make completely smooth, "wet look" 


The restoration is complete and the boat is now for sale, please click here to see listing for the boat

Please contact us today for more information or to see how we can help you with your project!


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