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New Project - updated Wednesday, January 28, 2015
1941 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout 16' 

(Factory Photo)

This extremely well preserved boat came to us from scenic Grand Lake Colorado.  MBBW went out and pick it up from the second owner of the boat, Mac Ruske, a gracious 90 old man who had owned and cared for the boat since 1946!  He purchased the boat as a returning solider from WWII!  He took very good care of the boat and kept it on Grand Lake for over 64 years and sold it to a couple who also have a home on the lake.  The new owners hired MBBW to restore the boat and it will be returned to Grand Lake when the work is complete. 
Pictured below, towing the boat through Rocky Mountain National Park at elevations near 14,000 feet!

Our trusty old Ford Powerstroke Diesel performed just fine at those elevations!

Seen here above the timber line! 


Back in the "flatlands" of Michigan and at the shop we start by rolling the boat over... 

Removal of the old bottom.... 
revealing a bottom structure in excellent condition with only a few frames needing replacement. 
After clean up and refastening of the frame work, the inner bottom of 6mn Okoume Premium Marine Plywood, manufactured to British Standard #1088, made in France, the best plywood in the business is laid down as the inner layer. 
 Next step we install a new outer layer in solid mahogany with new fasteners and 3M-5200 marine adhesive. 
Sealing and painting the bottom 
We then roll back over now we begin removal of original hullsides for reattachment with new fasteners and 3M-5200. 
Now we begin removal of original hullsides for reattachment with new fasteners and 3M-5200. 
putting the original hullsides back on with 3M-5200 and new fasteners 

With the planks reinstalled, the new screws are bunged with caps.  The entire hullsides are then 

sanded by hand with longboard sanding board to make perfectly fair and smoth prior to new stain

and varnish application 

Below we see starting to re-plank the transom with the original two plank design from the factory
After the transom is done and long board sanded by hand, we will then stain and varnish the hullsides we will move on to removal and reattachment of the original deck, followed by refinish of the deck, reinstallation of the rebuilt engine and associated restored mechanicals
Building many coats of varnish 
reinstallation of the rebuilt engine and associated restored mechanicals
The compact and efficient Chris Craft model "B" four cylinder engine ...
fits nicely in this runabout!
waiting for the chrome to come back from the chrome plater
Hardware and interior installed, at the shop and ready to hit the road back to Colorado


At the Colorado state line ... getting closer to home!
Mac takes one more ride with former boat and old familiar friend...
....riding off into the west on beautiful Grand Lake

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