Macatawa Bay Boat Works Premium Restoration 
Updated 01/13/2010
1941 Chris Craft 19' Custom Barrel Back
Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

This boat is an insurance project, it was on an electric hoist that malfunctioned in the heavy rains of this past summer.  While the owner was away from his lake home, the hoist went into the "raise" mode by itself and lifted the boat as high as it would go into the canopy top overhead.  It continued to operate the lift motor until the cable broke sending the boat into a freefall that caused the bunk supports to break and crack structural members of the bottom.

Hagerty Insurance again has provided their normal excellent claim service and we have begun the replacement broken frames and installation of the new bottom with an MBBW "no-soak" 3M-5200 bottom.
Appling clear penetrating epoxy to all structural members to preserve for decades to come.  
Fitting the inner bottom plywood, Okoume 1/4" premium plywood, made in France, Lloyds Registered and manufactured to British Standard #1088, the best quality plywood available. 
Above we see Todd laying out the batons; below the inner bottom is finished and sealed, we know being making and installing the outer layer of solid mahogany planking. 
The planks are installed with 3M-5200 and all new stainless steel fasteners. 
Putting the more bottom planking on with 3M-5200 
The bottom is glued and screwed, now it is being faired in 
Filling the hundreds of screw holes is a team effort
The bottom is complete and being sealed to preserve it.
The book-matched mahogany bottom looks so good, it is hard to cover it up with paint!
Five coats of green paint on the bottom and then we are ready to roll it back over to work on the hull sides.
Stripping the hullside varnish (below)
Raised in the air, now we are picking out bungs to unscrew the hullsides so that they can be reattached with 3M-5200 and faired in with longboard sanding
With the hullsides completely removed, we have cleaned up the hullside frames and applied two heavy coats of clear penetrating epoxy to help preserve them.  
Hullside batons are repaired and replaced as needed and reinstalled with 3M-5200
We now begin reinstallation of the hullsides also with 3M-5200 
Making and dry fitting the bottom hullside plank in new Philippine mahogany.
Hull planks now installed, we do some grinding to bring into fair, then begin to bung the screw holes
Staining the hullsides. 
Over 100 man hours of hand sanding with a long board produces hullsides that are faired in completely and when combined with our technique for laying varnish, the hullsides look like glass. 
Appling new gold leaf for the registration numbers and the Chris Craft logo.
New varnish and deckstripes. 
A successful water test.
A beautifully reassembled boat.


A very happy customer.


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