Macatawa Bay Boat Works Restoration 
1934 Chris Craft 18' Deluxe Runabout 
Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

This rare pre-war beauty will receive a new deck and hull side finish restoration, a new MBBW premium marine leather interior in the color of our reproduction of Chris Craft Spanish Red replacing the white vinyl that was in the boat.  

The original deck was attached with regular steel screws and nails.  All steel will be removed from the frames to prevent deterioration from rust.

We are installing a new sub king plank that is constructed out of laminated wood for much greater strength.   We are also installing new continuous deck batons that will tie everything together and increase strength. 

Some wood deterioration was found in the transom frames, but it is repairable.  Macatawa Bay Boat Works installed a new mahogany dutchman with a gentle scarf joint. 

Dutchman epoxied in place, the repaired transom stake will be as good as new. 

Laminated sub king plank complete, continuous deck batons installed

New book matched forward covering boards rough cut to size.

All deck framework is sealed to preserve the wood for years to come. 

New mahogany covering boards and king plank glued and screwed in place, we begin the inner decking, cut to size and dry fit. 


Safety first!  MBBW replaced the rusty old galvanized steel gravity feed, bottom draw fuel tank with a custom all stainless steel top draw tank of the same size.  The old metal fuel lines are replaced with US Coast Guard approved rubber lines, new fittings and double clamps that will not metal fatigue or vibrate loose.  For ease of maintenance and dependably, MBBW installed a concealed fuel filter/water separator. 


Staining the deck...
Adding the builder coats of varnish with sanding in between for a "smooth as glass" finish

Installing the crash pad in MBBW premium marine leather in the original color of Chris-Craft Spanish Red

Sitting on its new MBBW Classic Trail custom inboard trailer, the perfect compliment to a MBBW Restoration!
The leather interior is complete, the owner will reinstall the gauge panel once restoration of it is complete. 

Sitting pretty on its new MBBW Classic Trail Custom Inboard Trailer, ready for the water.

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