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New Project - updated Friday, August 15, 2014
1933 Hackercraft Triple Cockpit 20' Runabout

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This rare and extremely well preserved boat came out of the Buffalo New York area.  It is has all original wood and hardware with minimal modifications over the years.  It appears that the boat was in storage for a very long time as some of the original stain and varnish is visible on the hullsides and under the step pad areas of the covering boards. 
Included with the boat is the original 1933 Gray Marine engine that is remarkably in tack.  The owner will have this engine rebuilt and reinstalled as part of the restoration. 
Nice original gauge panel with the Hacker-Craft logo and the Stewart Warner horizontal band tachometer 
Rolled over and bottom removed, ready for frame repairs and reassembly with 3M-5200 
All frames are repaired or replaced as needed, refasten and all joints glued together with 3M-5200
A completely new transom frame work is finished and installed, improved with knees at the lower corners and interconnect to the keel
Here we see the starboard chine being laminated out of mahogany and 3M-5200 and we see the first layer of the laminated keel in place.
With the laminated chines and keel permanently installed, they are being shaped and routered to allow installation of the bottom.
Below we are beginning to fit the inner bottom consisting of 1/4" Okoume premium marine plywood made in France to British Standard #1088 and Lloyd's Registered.  
Below we see the start of the outer bottom planking 
Bottom complete, it is now ready for paint and roll back over. 
New hullside batons.  
Reattaching the original hullsides with 3M-5200 and bunging the screw holes from donor stock courtesy the original transom planking (which was not reused).  
A new transom made of Honduran mahogany and only two wide planks as per the original.
Marine plywood sub decks were installed to add strength to the original wood.  
We reused the original inner decks but had to replace the covering boards and king plank because the original wood was damaged.  They were replaced with Honduran mahogany. 
Getting the hullsides longboard sanded, into stain and first coat of varnish is a team effort.  
Above, more varnish is applied to the hullsides --they're getting shiny...   Below, stain to the covering boards and king plank is applied. 
The original Gray Marine 105 (casting date is from 1931) was expertly rebuilt by CD's Engine Repair of Hudsonville, Michigan.  Below is the clean and rebuilt block ready for assembly, below that is the final product: assembled and painted and ready to be run on their dyno-meter. 
Notice the original carburetor with unique flame arrestor and the overflow drip pan below the carb that ties back into the intake with a vacuum line so any overflowing gasoline is safely collected and burned in the engine. 
Below are photos of the initial water test 

This fine vintage Hacker Craft is available FOR SALE!  Please click here to view listing




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