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Updated 07/24/2014
1904 Fay and Bowen 21 foot Torpedo Stern Launch
Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

The oldest boat we have worked on to date, this is a remarkably well preserved beauty from the Adirondacks.  It has come to MBBW for a total restoration 

including a no-soak bottom, cosmetic and mechanical restoration that may include a conversion to electric inboard motor for silent, dependable operation.  

Seen here leaving the Adirondacks, it rests on a unique trailer - a converted WWII army surplus bomb carrier!  Note the design of the beautiful torpedo stern, 

a new style change in 1904 over the previous fan tail design.

Towed safely back to the MBBW shop, we have removed the interior and is in the process of removing the engine, a Fay and Bowen four cylinder, probably from the 1920's
Rolled over, we begin to strip layers of paint to assess the condition of the hull.  
original cedar planking with traditional cotton sealed seams
Looking fairly good for being 104 years old!

Original bottom removed, bottom structure repaired where needed, a new keel was laminated 
Beginning to laminate the new no soak bottom from three ply premium Okoume 3mm marine plywood
Drilling the new shaft hole in the keel.  
Fairing in the bottom and hullsides
stripped, fair and ready for paint
Above, decks removed, structure reinforced where needed and we start on the installation of new mahogany decks
Laying seam compound in the deck seams
Capping the shear with new oak, making new oak half and quarter round trim 
Laminating a coaming cap to strengthen the seam bent coaming
now its time for bilge paint and interior restoration
oak trim molding added to the seat recessed panels, a Fay and Bowen design detail
The customer would like us to produce a surrey top for the boat, this was an option back in 1904 and we have started to build the top frame and curved outer hoop.  

It took every clamp in the house and some we brought in from home!

Temporarily mounting the top frame to the boat to check for correct height 
A copy of the original 1904 Fay and Bowen sales catalog showing the optional Adjustable Canopy, this was our guide for how to make the canvas.
Installing the new ELCO electric propulsion system
Beautiful green marine leather interior with diamond button tufts, cushion made with kapok and horse hair stuffing, just like they did in 1904
Getting ready for the boats trip back to Lake Placid, New York.  Not the trailer is a converted air force surplus bomb carrier
Please check back for photos of the boat's delivery back to Lake Placid, coming soon.

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