Macatawa Bay Boat Works was hired by Vanity Fair Magazine to provide a classic boat for a photo shoot in Manhattan.

The shoot was for the August 2008 issue "Hollywood's New Wave" highlighting up and coming young Hollywood stars.

Actors Jay Baruchel and Kat Dennings were the subjects of this shoot.  They sat on the seat back of the forward seat while we put photographer Mark Seliger in a life jacket and strapped him to the lift ring on the bow!  Macatawa Bay Boat Works owner, Jonathan Reus was on board at all times for safety and to help operate the boat (Jay Baruchel had never driven a boat before) and stayed out of the photos by hiding behind seat back on the floor of the aft cockpit. 

Above is the shot the made the magazine, page 98.


The boat that photographer Mark Seliger selected was a 1946 Chris Craft 17' Deluxe Runabout "Spread Eagle" owned by Clarke and Glenda Lockart of Spring Lake, Michigan.  Macatawa Bay Boat Works restored the boat for the Lockart's in 2002 and have cared for the boat since. 


Getting the boat to the heart of Manhattan was a challenge.  MBBW's Jonathan Reus put the boat in at the only launch ramp in the area which happened to be at the Statue of Liberty Park.  They proceeded five miles across New York Harbor and up the Hudson passing in front of the Statue and Ellis Island which took about an hour.
After the shoot, we headed back to the ramp at sunset with a beautiful view of Ellis Island and Manhattan.
We battled the wind and the cold spray off New York's Harbor. 


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