Macatawa Bay Boat Works

   Custom Stern Poles and Pole Boring

Macatawa Bay Boat Works offers custom turning of bow and 

stern poles for your boat made from solid mahogany!



We have standard stern pole sizes up to 32" and with chrome plated brass collar at the bottom and spring loaded electrical contact, full length bore with wiring. Price: $132 plus tax/shipping. (Chrome top and glass globe sold separately) Lengths to 60" at additional cost.  Please inquire.


Round bow poles, typically 18" length in solid mahogany.  Custom lengths available in any size.


All poles come sanded and ready for you to apply stain and varnish or we can finish them for you in stain and show quality varnish for additional cost. 


Custom poles are available in lengths up to 72" and diameters up to 3" and in a variety of wood, please inquire about your specific needs.


We can also provide precise 5/16" diameter boring service for your existing pole to provide a raceway for wiring in the center of the pole in lengths up to 48" for the price of $120 per pole, plus tax and shipping.


Custom Pole Turning and Boring

Please email or telephone us today for more information:

Macatawa Bay Boat Works
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