Mvc-001f.jpg (76309 bytes)MBBW Classic Trail Custom Inboard Trailers, a great way to protect your investment!! 

Upgrade that old rusty, rickety trailer your boat may have come with to one that matches the quality of your restored boat!  Transport your boat with peace of mind, worry free in safety and style with a new MBBW Classic Trail Custom Inboard Trailer. Launch and retrieval is much easier with our custom built trailers, they are made to the specific specifications of your boat, our bunk design protects your investment by ensuring proper support from bow to stern, eliminating any worries of hull sagging or changing shape over time.

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From 14' to 36', from 3,000# to 15,000# we can build a custom trailer for you!  Each trailer is made to  match the specific measurements and weight of your boat.  MBBW Classic Trail Custom Inboard Trailers are available in either C-Channel construction, for increased strength and corrosion resistance, or Tubular Steel for a more rigid frame and finished appearance.  Single, tandem and triple axle models are available.  STANDARD FEATURES INCLUDE: 

  • Four full carpeted bunks (adjustable) across the stern and two midship to the bow ensure a perfect fit for your boat and preserve the hull shape. 

  •  The carpeted "V" bow stop and tall winch post are custom made for each boat at a increase height to allow the winch strap to clear and deck and not damage the varnish.   

  • Our trailers load easily with one or two people and center the boat on their own by design.  Load guide poles are no usually necessary with our custom trailers but are available on request at no additional charge.  

  • Fully sealed and submersible LED lighting throughout

  • Full size spare on welded steel mounting post come STANDARD on all out trailers. 

  • Hydraulic surge disc brakes come STANDARD on all our trailers

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Many wheel options to choose from, chrome mags, modular aluminum, etc. and other dress-up kits such as full steel steps with diamond plating instead of carpet.   Swing tongue and tool boxes available at additional charge and extended step areas too. 

Over 200 different colors to choose from, or provide us with a sample and have paint and pinstripe custom matched to any color in the spectrum!  

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Call and Order Yours Today!!

MBBW Classic Trail Trailer are available for larger boats!


1957 Chris Craft 30' Constellation twin engine:


1988 Riva Aquarama 28.5' twin engine:


1959 Chris Craft 30' Sea Skiff twin engine:

Pictured above are a 1957 30 foot Chris Craft Constellation, a 1988 Riva Aquarama and a 1959 Chris-Craft 30 foot Sea Skiff  all with twin engines.  With MBBW Classic Trail custom trailers, both boats can easily be towed at 55+ MPH, as well as be launched and retrieved from a boat ramp with a standard full sized pick-up truck. 


1910 Pettersson 35' Launch:



LED lighting is standard on ALL MBBW trailers:


Options include: 

Swing Tongue or Detachable Tongue:

Diamond Plate Tool box with locking latch:

Standard Wheels - no additional cost

Optional Wheels for additional cost - Chrome and Aluminum:


Extended Step Areas with carpet or diamond plate:


Each Trailer is custom fabricated completely from scratch around the individual specifications of your boat.


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Upon completion of framework assembly and welding, all trailers are thoroughly sandblasted, then sprayed with urethane primer and topcoat.

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On to assembly where wheels, lights, bunks, etc. are installed.

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Applying the "MBBW Classic Trail" signature of quality!



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